May 16

On I Am The Night, “Aloha” means hello, goodbye… and murder

In one of my favorite issues of one of my favorite superhero comics, Astro City—in volume one, #2, “The Scoop”—veteran reporter Elliot Mills looks back at one of the biggest stories he ever stumbled across, when he witnessed an epic fight between heroes and villains in a subway tunnel, with team-ups and world-ending threats the city had never seen before, plus freaky cult activity that involved sacrificing a shark on the train-tracks. The only problem? Mills was the only one able to go on the record about it. After his editor forced him to reduce the story only to provable facts, what Elliot was left with was this: “Trolley Delayed By Shark.”

I thought about poor Elliot Mills while watching “Aloha,” I Am The Night’s penultimate episode. Early in the hour, flaky muckraker Jay Singletary corners his beleaguered editor Peter Sullivan—once again—to update him on everything he’s dug up lately about the Hodel family. Sullivan—once again—warns him not to bother with any of that “boogeyman shit” about George Hodel being the Black Dahlia killer. Instead, Peter likes the one actual, verifiable hot scoop Jay’s found: that George’s estranged, long-absent daughter Tamar has a kid of her own, Fauna.Outstream Video

So here’s Singletary, sitting on what could be the story of the century (or at least the mid-century); and his editor won’t let him bring it home, because he’s been burned before by Hodel’s powerful, moneyed connections. He does though offer to give his shrewd but shaky reporter the money for a couple of plane tickets and a rental car, to take Fauna to meet Tamar. That’s the hot story, to Peter. And Jay will take whatever he can get—even if it means lying to his boss and to Fauna—because he’s still certain that if he can ask the right questions to the right person in the right place, he’ll find the key to unlock the Dahlia case.

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