September 15

Outdoor Adventurer Thabo Sefolosha Saved A Woman From Drowning

Hey, what’d you do this summer? I built half a porch onto my house, badly, and now have to climb over a construction zone in order to enter my home, with no end in sight. Probably you did something a lot cooler than this. If you’re Thabo Sefolosha, some of what you did this summer is save a woman from drowning to death on the Provo River, and that is so much cooler than fucking up your home.

The Salt Lake Tribune has the story of Sefolosha taking his family out to enjoy some outdoor adventuring in Utah, where they’ve moved since Sefolosha signed with the Jazz. While rafting down the Provo River, the family happened upon Lisa Clark, who’d been tossed from her tube by rapids, and found herself in dire straits:

It was rougher for some than others: Clark had decided to float on the river with several of her friends and her children, on what she called a “bucket list” adventure. But the river was faster and harder to handle than anticipated — many weekend tubers can relate.

With about 20 minutes left on the trip, Clark hit a boulder in the stream and flipped over. Her tube and oars quickly floated downstream. Her life vest rode up past her head, and she was struggling for air.

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